Why do I have to answer security questions?

Security questions are part of a verification process meant to ensure the safety of your user account. They are also used to identify you if you forget your password and cannot access your account.

You're required to answer one of your security questions every time you sign in, and when you talk to a Job Bank agent about your account. If you are unable to answer your security questions, the Job Bank officer assisting you on the phone will ask for extra personal information. To avoid delays caused by the verification of that information, make sure you choose questions and answers you will not forget.

To avoid sign in errors, make sure you remember the precise spelling of your answers, and if you used lower case or capital letters.


Tip: When you select your five security questions and answers, make sure to pick the ones that you will easily remember in the future. Your favourite magazine or movie might change in time; however, names of relatives or childhood friends usually don’t. 


Important: Do not share your security answers with anyone. Sharing user account information such as your security answers could result in the suspension of your account in accordance with Job Bank’s Terms of Use.

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