Which resume template should I choose?

The Resume Builder allows you to create a professional and personalized resume that suits your current situation and your job search goals.

The Resume Builder currently offers two types of templates: the "traditional" and the "youth and recent graduates". Here are some tips to choose the resume template that best highlights your goals and your qualifications: 


Use the traditional template if:

  • you have several years of experience in your field
  • you're looking for a job in your field
  • you have a stable career progression and your work history is fairly consistent (no major gaps)

Use the youth and recent graduates template if:

  • you’re a first-time job seeker starting your professional career
  • you’ve just completed your education and you’re looking for an entry-level job in your field of study
  • you have limited paid work experience
  • you want to put the emphasis on your skills rather than on your job experience

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