I’m receiving an error message at step 4 for my Social Insurance Number (SIN). What should I do?

There are two types of error messages you can get at the authentication step:

  1.  The error message stating that the Social Insurance Number (SIN) entered is already in use

If the error shows that your SIN is already in use, it means that you already have a user account that was authenticated through the use of your SIN. Since your user account allows you to access all of Job Bank’s services, you must use the same credentials to sign in as an employer and as a job seeker.

At any time, you can convert your job seeker account to an employer account or convert your employer account to a job seeker account.

If you previously created a user account on Job Bank with your SIN, you won’t be able to create a new one. You must sign in to your existing user account with the email address you originally used to create it.

Once you successfully signed in, you can update your user account information if you need to. You can change your email, password, security questions and other information related to your account.

If you’re unable to sign in to your user account or if you don’t remember the email address associated with your account, please contact us.


  1. The error message stating that the information may have been incorrectly entered

In order to successfully complete the authentication step, make sure that:

  • your Social Insurance Number (SIN) is valid
  • your Social Insurance Number (SIN) is entered with no spaces and no dashes
  • your birthdate is entered in the format of YYYY-MM-DD
  • your "Mother's maiden name or parent’s last name at birth" field only has the last name of one of your parents and is spelled correctly

If the error persists and you’re sure that you’re entering the correct information, please contact Service Canada at 1-866-279-5238 or fill out their online service request form.

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