What are the rules to post on Job Bank?

Every job posting must respect Job Bank’s Terms of Use, including:

  • Provincial or territorial minimum wage standards must be met.
  • Tax deductions must be made by the employer; workers must not arrange their own contributions to such programs as income tax, the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), employment insurance (EI) and Workers’ Compensation.
  • There must be a real job vacancy (the employer cannot have someone in mind for the position).
  • Any training that is a condition of employment must be paid.
  • Employment must be insurable in Canada.
  • No fees can be charged to applicants.

The following job opportunities are not permitted on Job Bank:

  • Self-employment opportunities with or without a monetary investment
  • Volunteer or unpaid internship opportunities
  • Hiring replacement workers during a labour dispute
  • A duplicate of a job currently advertised on Job Bank
  • Any job that Job Bank considers to be inappropriate

You can refer to the Job Bank’s Terms of Use for more information on the advertisement of job postings.

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