What is a user account and should I create one for my job search?

A user account is a private account that an individual creates on Job Bank to authenticate themselves and to sign in. It contains personal information such as your name, email address, security questions and answers, and it is password protected. 

You do not need a user account if you simply want to apply to job postings that are advertised on Job Bank or to subscribe to Job Alerts. However, creating a user account will give you access to free tools and services designed to help you in your job search. 


As a job seeker, you can choose between the following types of accounts: 

  1. The Standard account: lets you connect your account with the Job Bank mobile app, gives you access to the Resume Builder, allows you to save your favourite jobs, and to keep track of your job search activity. This type of account requires your email address, your name and your address. 
  1. The Plus account: gives you access to all of the tools available on Job Bank. With a Plus account, you can use the same features available with a Standard account, and also share your resume, register for Job Match and allow employers invite you to apply to their job postings. This type of account requires your email address and your Social Insurance Number (SIN) or Express Entry profile number.


Important: Your user account is private. You must create your own user account with your own credentials and keep your sign-in information confidential.

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