I am having a hard time completing my job seeker profile. What should I do?

If you are unable to find a specific job title, education program or credential while making your job seeker profile, use Job Match’s built-in search checklist. Here are a few tips to help:


If you can’t find a job title when adding your work experience:

  • Click on "Cannot find a job title? Browse the list" below the search field.
  • Select an occupation and job title from the auto-generated options. You can choose a job title from the checklist that is similar to the one you’re looking for.

If you can’t find your education program:

  • Try different options related to your field of studies. For example, instead of entering your diploma title (e.g., Bachelor of Arts) enter your major (e.g., History).

If you want to search for a credential:

  • Enter a basic keyword (e.g., nurse).You will then see a checklist and will be able to select the appropriate credential.

If you have a suggestion for a new job title, education program or credential, use the "Still need help? Contact us" link below and we will forward your suggestion to the appropriate team.

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