How do I create a student job posting?

On Job Bank, a "student job" is a type of job posting for persons who are enrolled in an education program. Student jobs should promote skill development, knowledge gain and learning.


If you want to recruit students to fill a position, you can indicate it on your job posting when you create it. To do so, simply follow these steps:

    1. Sign in to Job Bank for Employers.
    2. Click on "Job postings" from the left-hand menu on your Dashboard, and then on "Create a new job posting".
    3. Select the employer and click on "Proceed to Job title".
    4. Once you have selected the job title, click on "Proceed to Target audience".
    5. Select the "Students" type of job and identify the category of applicants you are looking to hire.
    6. Click on "Proceed to Job details" and enter the job details.
    7. Click on "Proceed to Requirements" and add the required skills.
    8. When you get to the "Education" section: select the minimum level of education required for the position, select the "Student status" and enter the "Field of study" that is required.
    9. Complete the rest of the page and click on "Proceed to How to apply".
    10. Select the application methods you want to use. In the "How-to-apply instructions" section, you can ask candidates to include certain items when they apply, such as a "Copy of latest school transcript" or a "Proof of student enrollment".
    11. In the "Screening questions" section, you can ask candidates specific questions about their education level and field.
    12. Select the "Job matching mode" and click on "Proceed to Preview" to review the information.
    13. Click on "Submit".

Once the job posting is reviewed and approved, its status will change to "Advertised" and you will be notified via email. Your job posting will be advertised as a student job and will include a "Student job" flag to help job seekers differentiate it in their search results. Note: Student job postings are visible to all job seekers on Job Bank, whether they are signed in or not.


Important: You should create a student job posting only if you want to hire students to fill a position. Student job offers are not part other government programs, such as the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) or Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ)

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